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Bathroom Renovations

Top Renovations offers a variety of services pertaining bathrooms at a competitive price. From sleek walk-in showers to modern vanities, we are able to transform your bathrooms into something remarkable!

Kitchen Renovations

They say the way to our hearts is through our stomach so surely, the kitchen must be the heart of our homes. While kitchen renovations are known to be challenging to redesign or accomodate, at Top Renovations, we guarantee a smooth process and beautiful outcome.

Basement Renovations

Whether you are looking to renovate your basement for rental or personal purposes, Top Renovations does their best to create a fully equipped and functional atmosphere for you.


Home renovations can be a lengthy process that take a great deal of patience, planning and hardwork. Painting is one of the most effective ways to renovate your house by giving it a fresh, new look that appeals to the eyes of its homeowners and potential buyers on the market. Top Renovations has decades of experience when it comes to taping, sanding, priming, plastering and painting.


Whether it is tile, marble, laminate, or hardwood flooring, all materials add character to our homes. One of the first things noticed when one walks into a room is its flooring. So why not allow Top Renovations to make the right suggestion for you the next time you find yourself debating over which material to choose? With our expertise in product and services, we guarantee that you will remain extremely satsified with your choice!

Farm House Renovations

From one generation onto the next, there is nothing like a cozy farmhouse or cottage that captivates the hearts of its suitors. Top Renovations has several years of experience renovating farmhouses and cottages. Don’t have one but love the look? Not a problem at all. Allow us to build your vision into reality.

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